SCULPTURE ODENSE 14: International contemporary art raises local ghosts

Contemporary art in the center of SCULPTURE ODENSE 14 has the tagline Still Water Runs Deep. Danish and international artists have been invited to exhibit both in inner city Odense and its green spaces thereby creating a route through different times, moods and locations.

One of the artists, British Simon Fujiwara, has made an artwork called Ghost inspired by the story of the Odin Tower.

Like a Funen Eiffel Tower with a height of 167 metres and an ultra modern steel construction, the tower was the proud landmark of Odense. In 1944 Danish Nazis blew up the tower as an act of revenge against the local resistance people and their sabotage against the occupying forces. Steel from the tower has been melted down into shoe taps which guests can put on when they walk around the city. Fujiwara has traced the journey of the steel from the piers of Little Belt Bridge to 30 tons of blown-up steel scrap which was broken up by HJ Hansen and sold as recycled metal to companies all over Denmark. The minimal art work reminds us of the terror and xenophobia of the past, and turns the exhibition route into a journey through time where history moves through the city like the quiet ghostly echo of the past.
Fujiwara´s artistic practice is placed somewhere between fiction and archeological excavations of the political and social structures which are deposited in our physical reality. Architecture has been the focus in many of his works for instance Incest Museum 2008 and Phallusies, 2010, which form architecture and structures based on hidden psychological layers, suppressed desires and pure invention. In Ghost the movement has been reversed – here monumental historical architecture becomes an intimate experience connected to the body of the visitor and the feelings connected to the drama of the tower is brought back to life.

SCULPTURE ODENSE presents 20 Danish and international artists / artist collectives: Nina Beier (DK), David Douard (FR), Tiril Hasselknippe(NO), Simon Fujiwara (UK), Nanna Rützou Abell (DK), SUPERFLEX (DK), Theis Wendt (DK), Gabriel Kuri (MEX), Jette Hye Jin Mortensen (DK), Tue Greenfort (DK), Annesofie Sandal (DK), Jiri Kovanda (CZ), Søren Cip Nielsen (DK), FOS (DK), Mikkel Carl (DK), A KASSEN (DK), Ib Agger (DK), Mathias & Mathias (DK) and students from The Funen Art Academy.

The exhibition is curated by Charlotte Sprogøe.

SCULPTURE ODENSE replaces Sculpture in the Fairytale Garden. The first sculpture triennial opened in 1961. City of Odense Art Foundation, Brandts, Funen Art Academy, Gæsteatelier Hollufgaard and Funen Graphic Workshop support the new sculpture exhibition.

SCULPTURE ODENSE 14 – Still Water Runs Deep opens on June 20 at 4pm in Arkaden, Vestergade 68, 5000 Odense C.