9. Jette Hye Jin Mortensen KOR/ DK 1980
A Polyphonic Theatre on Reproduction 2014
Mixed Media installation
Variable dimensions
Munke Mose lake towards Filosofgangen

Courtesy of the Artist
Human reproduction, creation and identity have been the central factors in a number of Jette Hye Jin Mortensen´s works. This time her examinations are placed in a futuristic scenario where choir voices in the trees of Munke Mose and lights under the surface of the lake create an out-of-this-world, timeless sci-fi atmosphere. The sculpture has been created specifically for the park, the choral work is presented by the Funen Opera and the score Lux Aeterna / Eternal Light has been rewritten for this work by composer Eyvind Gulbrandsen in co-operation with the artist. The collaboration with external working partners and the interaction with their practise is a recurrent theme in her works, which often focus on how to challenge your self as an artist. The result aims at creating something, which is not constructed and controlled by the artist, but instead made out of the reflections and actions of the process. Spirituality, weightlessness and performativity are all key elements in Hye Jin Mortensen´s practice. In other works concrete cultural questions of identity have been in focus, but in this etheral and almost immaterial work it is the very creation of life, which is the main topic. In the lyrics we hear references to questions of donor and insemination issues, which might be an even bigger debate issue in the future.

The Funen Opera will present a live performance of the work in Munke Mose on August 30 at 7pm.
The event starts in the foyer of the Opera, Filosofgangen 18. Admission is free.

Costumedesign: Anne Werner

Tailoring: Ane Rønne & Sten Martin Jonsson

Iron construction and soundinstallation: Eyvind Gulbrandsen

Technical drawings and loudspeaker system: Mikkel Friis-Møller

Composition and sound: Eyvind Gulbrandsen

David Kragh Sørensen
Emma Oemann
Michelle Nora Lind
Simon Mott Madsen

Text excerps: Charis Thompson "Making Parents, The Ontological Choreography of Reproductive Technologies"

Thank you

The Funen Opera and Jesper Buhl, Odense Skulptur 14 and Charlotte Sprogøe, Sigrid Marie Skjøde Bolet and Odense Kommune By- og Kulturforvaltningen, Ashley from DTK Audio, Mikkel Friis-Møller og Arne Grandberg.