7. Gabriel Kuri MX 1970
Bottled Water P.1 2013
Powder coated tubes, bird spikes, coins
104*1180*411 cm
Lottrupsgård, Vestergade 70
Mon-Sun 10-22

Courtesy of the Artist & Esther Schipper Berlin
Gabriel Kuri´s minimal and aesthetic sculptures are often made of well-known everyday objects. In Bottled Water P.1 it is a water pipe which is waving like a fountain, inviting us to throw in coins and at the same time it is frightening us away with the pointy pidgeon spikes. The fragile and the brutal often balance in his works like the glass and shell sculpture Communication Diagram and his granite boulder and sock sculpture at the Venice Biennial in 2011. Delicate and down-to-earth at the same time.
Kuri is from a generation of Mexican artists who combine simple forms with the conceptual. His artworks examine form and comment on consumerism and the world of objects, which it generates.
To the artist all materials are culturally coded: from water to bar codes and plastic bottles. The work was originally created for Parc Saint Léger, a former spa area where nature and commercialism have merged.