6. Theis Wendt DK 1981
Withdrawn 2014
Flatbed print, steel, mdf, loudspeakers, amplifier
Variable dimensions
Arkaden, Vestergade 68
Mon-Sun 10-18

Courtesy of Theis Wendt
Rain falls nonstop on the roof in Theis Wendt´s work. The sculptures reflect a room different from the one they are placed in and time seems to be frozen and indefinable. Withdrawn has been created specifically for Arkaden, an abandoned place which used to house nightclubs and a hectic nightlife. When you enter Arkaden, the absolute absence of organic life is the most striking feature.
The Anthropocene is the name for the epoch where man has had such a massive impact on the the planet that geological systems and nature are manmade. Theis Wendt´s work puts focus on this time perspective. The interaction between organic and inorganic, intimate and infinite and surface and depth is of central importance to the artist. Wendt works with OOO – Object Oriented Ontology – where the world is seen from the object´s perspective: they also exist when we don´t see them, think about them or use them.
It becomes a kind of ecological examination of the manmade environments and traces, but it is also a poetic orchestration of objects on their own.