5. Superflex DK
Lost Money 2009
Coins, bolts
Variable dimensions
Vestergade 64

Kunsten Museum of Modern Art / Courtesy of Superflex 2009
Like spilt milk, the coins of Lost Money flow the main street in Odense. It is as if the bank has been flooded and money is spilling onto the street like a symbol of excess and loss. The coins of Superflex´s scattered sculpture are bolted to the ground, reminding us of great values that we can see but not get hold of. The artwork was created just when the global financial crisis peaked in 2008. In Odense the crisis resulted in loss of money, high unemployment rates, shop closures etc.
Superflex have been focusing on different kinds of power relations ever since they founded the artist´ group in 1993. Copyright, corporate identity and production processes are the main subjects when they make copies of the modus operandi of the business world. Lost Money is presented with kind permission of Kunsten – Museum of Modern Art in Aalborg