20. Fuen Art Academy: Katti Pärkson Kull 1981 ES, Gustav Bisgaard 1989 DK, Oscar Erik Yran 1990 NO
Sleipnir, Hugin & Munin, 2014
Variable dimensions
Østre Stationsvej 33

Courtesy of the Artists
Odense means Odin´s holy place, Odins-vi, but the city has very few visible references to the king of the Norse gods and the god of war which the city has been named after. It is this mythological layer of Odense which Sleipnir, Hugin & Munin refers to with the names of Odin´s horse and ravens. The sculpture has been created for Still Waters Run Deep and specifically for this location just across from King Christian the 9th on his horse. The work reminds us of a radically different kind of history. Here the focus is on the pagan Iron and Viking Ages, which was when Odense was established as a central stopover on the way through Denmark. The raw wood of the figures and the massive shape of the animals stand in stark contrast to the refined equestrian statue with the elegant king on top. Sleipmir took Odin to Hel where the dead souls live, the ravens were Thought and Memory, the informants and memory of the god. The sculpture has been created by a group of students from the Funen Art Academy. By placing it on this specific location parallels are drawn to the other monument. Here it was the war in 1864, which was the King´s greatest battle. With Sleipnir across the street this part of our national identity is put into a mythological context.