19. Fuen Art Academy: Katrine Stensgaard Jensen 1985 DK, Myken McDowell 1993 CA & Eleonora Korobitsyna 1988 DK
The Animism 2014
Variable dimensions
Christmas light chain, plastic tubes, silicone, cement, plastic bottles, armature

Tunnel under Odense Station by Øster Stationsvej 33

Courtesy of the artists
The tunnel under Odense Station is brought to life in The Animism where chalk stalactites are magnified and lit up. The minimal intervension of the sculpture makes the room seem like an organism in itself. A living matter which surrounds us in the underground tunnel, thereby turning it into a cave in nature.
Animism is influenced by a New Materialism where objects in themselves should be seen as something endowed with spirit, in a world of their own. Focus shifts from the human perspective on the world to that of the objects´.
The work is created by students from the Funen Art Academy. In contrast to their fellow students who have made the sculpture Sleipnir... their artistic practice is understated, almost invisible.