18. Mathias & Mathias DK 1986 & DK 1991
The Story of the Lily 2014
Bronze, plaster, zink, lilies
Variable dimensioner

a. Slotskroen, Nørregade 54
Mon-wed 10-24, Thurs 10-01 Fri 10-02 Sat 10- 24 Sun 10-22

b. The window of Countess Danner, Odense Castel, Nyenstad behind Sct Hans church

c. Greyfriars Abbey’s garden, Jernbane gade

d. Munke Mose, Odense River/Klaregade

Courtesy of Mathias & Mathias
Ornaments are a recurring theme in Mathias & Mathias´ works. The artists work in certain environments, become part of them and dramatise them to such a degree that you start to doubt where reality stops and art begins. For this sculpture triennial, the artist duo have created a work inspired by the Odense lily. It is a symbol of the city, which can be found in the city arms and on buildings. The lily has been the symbol of Odense since the Middle Ages. It it an ambigious symbol charged with a lot of feelings: The symbol of chastity and of martyrdom but also connected to the legendary killing of King Canute the Great. Mathias and Mathias´ work starts in Nørregade where a vase containing fresh lilies is placed in Slotskroen and continues through the city centre past a bouquet of lilies in the window of Countess Danner´s room in Odense Castle (the room with the secret gallery to the king´s bedroom) and down past Greyfriar Abbey´s garden where lilies spring up. The route ends by the source on the river bank in Munke Mose where a female figure lays sprawled -as if she has been molested- on a bed of lilies which seem to have sprung up spontaneously around the sculpture. The work brings the classic universe with big landscapes and big tragedies to life and adds an air of mystery to the tour around the city.

Mathias & Mathias performance
Thursday August 14 at 5pm.
Starts on the bridge over Odense River in Klaregade.