17. Ib Agger DK 1928
Onlookers 1987-2014
40 * 40 * 150 cm
Oluf Bagers Gård, Nørregade 29

Courtesy of the Artist
Ib Agger´s shiny aluminium works stand in stark contrast to the courtyard in Oluf Bagers Gård. They look like two abstract and pure monolites in a Japanese stone garden. Agger is deeply interested in foldings, reflections and metal experiments. In his works, the immaterial, empty space and reflections are of great importance. The artist´s sculptural work is a continuation of his work with abstract graphics in grey and white shades, his so-called monolithographies. The modernity of the sculptures puts the historical urban area into stylistic context. In the 15th century, one of Oluf Bager´s many houses was situated here. The merchant was one of the richest men in the country and he made a lot of money during the Nordic Seven-Year War when he was trader for the king´s army. In this area a number of the houses from this past great period still exist. Agger´s straightforward volumes interact playfully with their surroundings as if they were onlookers.
Agger has been a leading figure on the Funen art scene for many years and is therefore a part of Odense´s (art) history himself.