16. A Kassen DK
Light box 2014
Glass tubes and light

a. Asylgade / Gravene

b. Østre Stationsvej / Kongens Have

A Kassen Courtesy Nicolai Wallner
Three people from Odense have been asked to draw straight lines. These lines have been transformed into (almost straight) glass tubes in the poster stands. A Kassen´s idea-based sculptures are often inspired by the rooms in which they are installed and the situations surrounding them. The group makes use of understated simple interventions and displacements like a facade turned upside down, Flip Facade, 2010, a lamp post on a balcony, Lamp Post, 2009, or a kebab carved like an abstract sculpture, Endless Döner, 2007. The works make it possible to look across the borderline between the in- and outside. Here the inside of the globally known poster stands have been exposed and turned into a sculptural form. The tension between sculptural form and basic material is also a repeated theme in their works. For Terrazzo Floor, 2011, they destroyed a classic sculpture, mixed it with cement and covered the floor of a gallery with it. The difference between highbrow and lowbrow is ignored and focus is put on the small absurdities of everyday life which add an extra dimension to life.