15. Mikkel Carl DK 1976
(New) Paintings Caught in the Headlights of Parking Cars 2014
Mylar emergency blankets on stretchers, cars
Variable dimensions
Parkinglot Fisketorvet basement
Mon-Sun 06-23

Courtesy of the Artist
It is not only cars as aesthetic machines which Mikkel Carl´s work brings into focus. The car accident or the emergency blankets after the crash are also turned into artworks on the wall of the car park. The artist turns everyday objects, ”ready-mades”, into sensations, signs and surfaces. Their function and associations – here speed, crash and danger- are however still present in the works and that adds something cool and conceptual to the works.
(New) Paintings Caught in the headlights of Parking Cars turns the sculpture into a phenomenon created by the light of the cars when they hit the ”paintings” on the wall, something unique which is only experienced by the driver when she parks her car.
In different ways Mikkel Carl examines the forms of modern everyday products and their abstractions. For instance in Poses, 2014, where yoga mats are folded and turned into small abstract figures as if the mats themselves are doing yoga. Here the hidden underground car parks of Odense suddenly become part of the sculpture, like a scene in them selves.