14. FOS (DK) 1971
Tzatziki 2013
Neon lights, iron
1* 4.25 * 20 cm
Torvegade 1 v. Overgade

Courtesy the Artist & Athens Biennale Agora
The material (objects) and the social (human beings) are connected in FOS´ works. The shape of reality, the way we physically construct our everyday world is so subtle that it sometimes disappears completely from our conscience. But FOS emphasizes these shapes and designs as symbols of thought patterns and social structures before he distorts and complicates it all. This is how he challenges the automatic way in which we interpret objects, cities, reality.
Your Success is Your Amnesia the work reads. This could be interpreted as a comment on our blindness towards all the layers and connections, which are part of our surroundings and of how we understand the world. Amnesia becomes a survival strategy or maybe just another way of navigating in the dimensions that surround us. In Odense Tzatziki has been put up in a neighborhood that has been extremely influenced by redefinition throughout time. Not only can traces from the heyday of the merchants, the Middle Ages and industrialisation be found here, it is also the place where hints of the future cityscape are visible.
The work was originally created for the Athens Biennial Agora.