13. Søren Cip Nielsen DK 1956
Pagode "Episode 3" 2008
3,3 * 2,6 * 2 m

Courtesy of the Artist
A pagoda is an Asian Buddhist temple, a small tower where you have access to the spiritual world. In this work Søren Cip Nielsen turns the pagoda into a rough, massive oak construction. This gives the sculpture a kind of pre-historic, primitive feel as if it was a symbol of a long lost mythological world far away from present day Odense.
The sculpture is placed in a lane so that you can walk through it. Thereby it becomes a kind of portal, a gate to another dimension. The artwork is placed in the historically most concentrated area of Odense. Here houses have been restored in order to recreate the atmosphere of the city in the old days. The pagoda also becomes part of this dreamlike area where the line between real and unreal is blurred. The heavy wooden construction is a general feature of Cip Nielsen´s production where wood endowed with spirit and the ideas about the animated nature is repeated again and again.
This episode is part of a series, which centers around different ancient symbols and signs.