10 Tue Greenfort (DK) 1973
a. Sejle op ad åen , 2014
Homebuild boat, build in cooperation with Tom Greenfort, wood, foil.
300 x 50 x 45 cm
Eventyrhaven, Flakhaven

b. Å Thomas B. Thrige Stalaktitter, 2014
Beton, Stalaktitter
Concrete, dripstone
Variable dimensioner
Naturstyrelsen,Sollerupvej 24, Sollerup

c. Å kildevand, (, 2014
1,5 liters PET water bottle - watersample from the Hammerdam (the source of Odense River) Svanninge Bakker, concrete
35 x 50 x x 45 cm
Island in Odense River by Filosofgangen

d. Å rejse, 2014
Video 6 min.
Carlsens Kvarter,
Hunderupvej 19
Mon-Sat 12-01 Sun 13-19

Courtesy of Tue Greenfort
Odense River runs across Funen. It rises in Rislebækken at Arreskov Lake in Fåborg and flows into Odense Fjord via small islands like Vigelsø.
It is this dimension of water, time and nature, which is brought to life in Tue Greenfort´s land art-related sculpture in four sequences. Along the way it flows from the main office of the Danish Nature Agency next to the brook by Hammerdammen, Svanninge Bakker near Arreskov Lake, through a lot of farm land, to the centre of Odense, past the toxic area where the gasworks used to be and out along the hot water channels by the entrance to the harbour. Tue Greenfort is deeply interested in environmental questions and ecological systems. The artist takes the whole journey from the source to the harbour in his kayak like boat, build in cooperation with his uncle and documents this action as a part of his work. The places are connected and nature is ever-present in a more or less controlled, restored or natural way. It is an examination of different materialisations and phases of water – and the concept of nature itself. Tue Greenfort has examined nature and culture as systems, which influence us in several of his works like Garbage Bay at Sculpture Centre in New York and Diffuse Einträge at Skulptur Projekte Münster 07, which analyses how we as human beings perceive and manipulate nature.