1. Nina Beier DK 1975
Liquid Assets 2013
Liquid Assets is made out of a statue of the Mexican freedom fighter Emilliano Zapata.
The organic parts have been removed from the artwork and only the metal parts (weapons, ornaments and ammunition) remain. The absence of a body turns the fragmented sculpture into objects. In a way as the monument is being taken apart it thereby becomes concrete. It operates by being placed in relation to something else: the human being and the past history which is absent, and so it reminds us of other stories, battles and memories. What is physically absent becomes mentally present.

Beier´s sculpture is placed in the town hall – a historical monument which also represents power. The artist often works with transforming one form of representation into another: monuments become elements, the spatial becomes one-dimensional, memory is turned into movement, the organic into the inorganic. The staged freezing of time has also been the theme in other works by Beier, for example Complete Works, 2009, where a dancer re-enacts a lifetime of choreography or the work Tragedy, 2011, where a dog is instructed to play dead.
Liquid Assets symbolises the transformation of values and the continued transformation of time and being.
Parts of bronze statue of Zapata
Odense City Hall 1st floor Flakhaven 2
Variable dimensions
Mon-Wed 9-15.30 Thurs 9-17 Fri 9-12

Courtesy Croy Nielsen, Berlin and Proyectos Monclova, Mexico City